Thursday, July 07, 2011

Logarithmic Graphs Don't Make for a Great Presenation

John D. Sutter reporting for
When it comes to presentation, Mark Zuckerberg is no Steve Jobs:
Here's a smattering of comments about Zuckerberg's presentation, in which he announced a new video-conferencing feature. These popped up on Facebook, during the event in Palo Alto, California:

-- "omg! I'll just read about it later. This is like water torture."

-- "Im gona play solitaire if he doesn't get on with it"

-- "Someone needs to bump him to get him to stop saying UM"

-- "After this, I need an UM detox program.."

At one point, Zuckerberg -- forever the geek -- pulled up a chart about Facebook's projected growth, which he introduced as a "log-normalized graph." The Internet's collective eyes rolled back.

"Logarithmic graphs? Jesus Christ."

So what went wrong?

Zuckerberg seems to have tried -- and failed -- to imitate the undisputed king of the tech presser: Apple's Steve Jobs, who is known for leaving even the most skeptical of tech bloggers in a "hypnotic daze" after he finishes a talk.

"Zuckerberg at times appeared to be attempting to channel Steve Jobs in his presentation style," wrote Beatweek Magazine. "But too often he lost sight of the fact that most of his online audience members were from the non-geek general public."

"Steve Jobs builds his presentations around our innermost needs and desires," one Twitter user wrote. "Zuckerberg builds his around normalized logarithmic charts."

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