Friday, June 24, 2011

Some Sources for Copyright-free Photos

Nice resource!

Digital Literacy Tools
Copyright Free Digital Photos I use a few of these depending on the photo I need - Great for PowerPoints Comp Fight
-> This has an excellent Creative Commons search engine

Copyright Free
-> The copyright (royalty) free photos available on this site have been made available, free of charge, for any application as you require - web design, graphics, backgrounds, printed images, desktop wallpaper & screensavers. The only exception is that images may NOT be added to other photo libraries (either online or offline) - without written permission from the site owner.

Copyright Free Photos
-> Thousands of photos taken by U.S. Government employees as part of their official duty are free of copyright and free to use.

Copyright Friendly
-> Most of the media in the collections are attached to generous copyright licensing. Though you may not need to ask permission to use them when publishing on the Web for educational purposes, you should cite or attribute these images to their creators unless otherwise notified!

Free Foto
-> is made up of 127417 images with 168 sections organized into 3485 categories.
Non-commercial users may download our web size images to use off-line in school projects, church services, cards, leaflets, etc. Basically if your off-line use is not commercial you can download our web size images for free.

Ideas Wisconsin
-> All of the images in the imageide@s repository are free for educators to use within their classrooms.

Library of Congress
-> The mission of the Library of Congress is to make its resources available and useful to the Congress and the American people. It does not charge permission fees for use of such material and generally does not grant or deny permission to publish or otherwise distribute material in its collections.

-> Pics4Learning is a copyright-friendly image library for teachers and students. The Pics4Learning collection consists of thousands of images that have been donated by students, teachers, and amateur photographers.

Public Domain Pictures
-> is a repository for free public domain photos. You can upload your own pictures and share your work with others.

Teacher Tap
-> This page provides links to some of the better copyright-free and public domain resources. Are intended for educators and librarians who wish to locate quality, copyright-friendly materials for educational, noncommercial, and nonprofit projects.
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