Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Protecting Your Brand

John Siracusa and Dan Benjamin in the first 10 minutes of their podcast Hypercritical discuss searching Google for a brief audio clip from The Simpsons. Instead of getting a useful result, Siracusa gets links to a bunch of static videos (just an image with audio) that link to SPAM. He points out that this is a case of Fox - the owners of The Simpsons - not protecting their brand. He suggests that Fox should be posting clips of the Simpsons - either on YouTube, a site they control, or somewhere else, rather than letting others post the content. Fox could limit the length of these clips and add links to paid content or alternatively use an ad supported model. In the end, it's important for Fox and The Simpsons - and for any small company or organization (even individuals) - to control their brand. When someone searches Google for your brand, the top hits should be your brand!


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