Friday, June 17, 2011

10 IT Skills Today's High School Kids Have?

10 IT Skills that Today's High School Kids Have - Do You?:
As IT Professionals, we've seen technology change very rapidly over the past 10 years. We've managed to keep pace and learn new skills on the job or through training courses. What might surprise you are the skills that high school kids possess today. Here is a look at some skills that many high school kid have - do you?
I give you each of the 10 below and my take:
  1. Blogging? I don't see many high school kids blogging.
  2. A surprising number of my students just out of high school are well-versed with Linux.
  3. I don't have a lot of students focused on programming, but that's not surprising, as our networking program is not part of computer science.
  4. Can't argue with Game Consoles and on-line games, but I'm not sure I would characterize this as an IT skill.
  5. Computer hardware is the new car! Students are constantly tinkering with PCs, CPUs and other hardware.
  6. Again you can't argue that students are much more versed in texting, but is this really IT? Maybe sending or receiving short troubleshooting questions?
  7. In my experience, not many students are using Twitter yet.
  8. Our kids are much more experienced in web design, multimedia and other digital content creation.
  9. Facebook - duh! Although their use of facebook seems to be strictly social.
  10. Students are surprisingly good at tech support - wether it's helping their peers or adults.

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