Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Tipping Point for Mobile

A clear shift from desktop/laptop operating systems to mobile devices and OSs. In fact, Windows and Mac OS X dropped from 64% to 36%. That's more than just a shift, it's a disruption - an almost immediate upending of long standing and expected hierarchies. Will we this erosion of traditional OSs in favor of mobile continue? I think so. Consider the data consumption of the iPad - 4 times that of smartphones. Combine that with the fact that the tablet market is still in it's infancy; as that market grows, we should expect to see a corresponding growth in mobile data usage.
Mobile devices overtake computers on Wi-Fi networks:
Mobile devices, led by the iPad and Android phones and tablets, have overtaken computers on Wi-Fi networks, according to a new report from cloud networking provider Meraki. It’s another sign that mobile is increasingly the way people access the Internet, bypassing traditional computers in their hunt for information.

Meraki said that in 2010, Windows and Mac OS X accounted for 64 percent of devices that accessed Wi-Fi networks, while iOS (the iPhone and the iPod touch at the time) accounted for 32 percent and Android was just 1 percent. A year later, iOS — bolstered by the iPad — and Android now represent 58 percent of Wi-Fi devices, while Windows and Mac OS X account for 36 percent. The numbers have gone up since March, when Om got some Wi-Fi usage statistics from Meraki, which found that the iPhone accounted for 23.5 percent of connections, while Android had 5.2 percent and the iPad took 3.4 percent.


The iPhone was the most popular device on Wi-Fi networks, with a 32-percent share. Android now accounts for 11 percent of devices on Meraki’s networks, equal to the iPod touch alone. Those numbers will certainly increase for Android as its installed base grows. Meraki also found that the iPad was a power device, consuming almost 200 megabytes per month, about four times as much as the average for Android, iPhone and iPod touch devices.

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