Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Recommendations for Online Learning

Why do students choose online learning? The highlighted portion below says it all:
  • flexible,
  • accessible,
  • work-based skills,
  • can fit around family commitments
Interesting recommendations as well. Use technology to enhance student choice - what could that mean? Maybe the ability to begin and finish a course on their own timetable; maybe more classes available online. And the others? Investment, partnerships, scaling, branding - sounds a lot like terms you might hear a business throw around. If we're serious about online education and want to compete the the University of Phoenix's of the world, maybe we need to approach online learning as a business.

British Report Calls for Greater Use of Online Learning to Meet Growing Demand:
The report says that courses offered by those programs are "flexible, accessible, provide practical work-based skills, and can fit around work and family commitments which prevent students from attending a traditionally delivered course."

The report outlines six recommendations for future success, including the use of technology that enhances student choice, greater investment to enable the development of partnerships to achieve "scale and brand in online learning," and the acquisition of "more and better market intelligence about international demand and competition."

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