Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Qwiki: The Future of Education?

I've posted before about Qwiki - I think it has great potential. Here's  16-year old students' take on Qwiki. Great stuff!
Qwiki: The Future of Education:
Another startup that I am loving right now is Qwiki. It’s come under a lot of pressure recently, with people saying it doesn’t do anything useful and can be easily replicated. Qwiki is built on the premise that information should be presented in an experience. And what that experience allows is for us to consume information on any topic in an interactive, engaging way. 

Where is consuming information in an interactive and engaging way most important? School. 

I’ve encouraged some of my teachers to use Qwiki in the classroom, and the results were quite incredible. For example, my history class was learning about the origins of World War II, and someone asked where exactly the Rhineland was. My teacher went to a map on the wall, but I suggested he try out Qwiki. He typed it in, and in about a minute everybody in the classroom had a better idea of where the Rhineland is and what its significance was than my teacher could have ever explained (and he’s a good teacher).

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