Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Daily, QWiki, and Khan Academy - Re-Imagining Education

Marco Arment's take on The Daily, a custom daily news app for the iPad. Think about the bolded portion below in the context of education. Isn't what we're doing in our classrooms and our institutions "old-world" learning? Instead of the "old-world" model of courses and programs, what about focusing on smaller units - maybe learning objects, and tying these learning objects to specific competencies? What to see what I'm talking about - check out Khan Academy and QWiki.

Marco.org - Why The Daily Is So Yesterday:
Bundling a bunch of stuff I don’t care about with the few pieces I want to read is the old-world model, when custom-targeted or on-demand news for each reader was infeasible. But in this century, I can go to a handful of websites whenever I want news, view the handful of stories that interest me, then move on. Flipping through a bunch of uninteresting-to-us content and ads was an annoyance of the old world, like blow-ins3, that we tolerated because we had to — but now, we don’t.

These old-world annoyances would be easier to ignore if the content was great, but it’s not. It’s acceptable, for what it is: a very lightweight rundown of the previous day’s most mass-marketable news, with one or two editorials that usually leave me wanting more depth.

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