Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Pent Up Demand for Verizon iPhone?

Seems like it. The pre-orders sold out in 2 hours on day one.
Survey: 44% of Verizon Android users likely to switch to iPhone on Day One:
The key findings:

  • Among Android owners, 44% are either very likely (19%) or somewhat likely (25%) to buy an iPhone on Feb. 10.
  • Among RIM owners, 66% are very likely (32%) or somewhat likely (34%) to switch on Day One.
  • Nearly a quarter (24%) of the Android and RIM switchers say they'd be willing to stand in line to get one of the first Verizon iPhones.
  • Owners of AT&T (T) iPhones are less likely to switch (8% very likely, 18% somewhat) but the switchers are more likely (29%) than RIM or Android owners to stand in line that first day. Perhaps they have more practice queuing up for an iPhone.

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