Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Textbooks and the iPad

This didn't take long ...
Textbook Publishers Strike Deals to Bring Content to iPad

I've included a video from ScrollMotion showing their Iceberg Reader for the iPhone. Probably not what the final iPad app will look like, but some very good textbook-oriented features - such as maintaining the pagination of the physical book. Makes it a lot easier to say "class read pages 122 to 146 for next week."
The Wall Street Journal reports (subscription required) that major textbook publishers have struck deals with Apple to bring their content to the iPad. According to the report, textbook publishers will rely on the technology of ScrollMotion, which already has experience developing such content for the iPhone.
Though Apple didn't outline its strategy to target the educational sector with its iPad last week, people familiar with Apple's thinking have said that the iPad's use in schools was one of the focal points of discussions in developing the product. In its exploration of electronic book technology, it thought particularly about how it could re-invent textbooks, these people said.


Today's report notes that McGraw-Hill Education, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt K-12, Pearson Education, and Kaplan have all reached deals with Apple for the iPad.

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Anne said...

The ipad will be more valuable to educational content once it is flash enabled. (While you don't see the video in the textbooks, obviously, most publishers provide some sort of video online that accompanies the program.) Having both at their fingertips will be an enormous advantage for students - which is needed to make the ipad a valuable tool for education.


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