Friday, February 12, 2010

The iPad: Returning to a Mouse- Clumsy and Awkward

Really interesting take on the iPad.

Programming Legend Bill Atkinson Says iPad Will Be a Hit
Programmer Bill Atkinson, one of the lead authors of the original Mac system, says the iPad will be a big success — and that you have to play with it to understand the magic of the multitouch interface.

‘This guy is going to be a real winner,’ he said, holding up a model he’d made for himself to visualize how his PhotoCard app would look on the device. Atkinson took part in Guy Kawasaki’s Friday morning keynote presentation.

‘Once you get it in your hands and play with it you don’t want to set it down,’ he continued. ‘I think Apple’s got a hit on their hands here.’

Atkinson said he’d played with an iPad for a couple of hours. It’s not a laptop and its not an iPhone, he said, but an entirely new, third device. The magic is in using your fingers to directly manipulate elements onscreen.

Returning to using a mouse is like using a remote control, he said — clumsy and awkward.
[emphasis add - MQ]

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