Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Crowdsourced Naviagation App

This is a really interesting idea, but with Google including navigation into their app (currently Android only) and a ton of modestly priced navigation apps available, I fear Waze may be doomed.

User-generated maps? Game on!

The idea is pretty simple:
Waze tries to crowdsource navigation ... The Waze iPhone app is free; the company plans to sell crowdsourced data to other parties while making navigation available to end users at no cost.

How does it work?
Waze builds its maps and tracks traffic by having early-adopter users leave the software launched all the time while driving. The software relies on social-networking conventions to encourage participation, and combines gaming elements, too.

The verdict:
The interface is still rough and a bit confusing, and Waze hasn’t captured enough information to provide the same level of value as paid navigation apps. It can’t provide directions for distances over 200 miles yet, either.

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