Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Course Concierge - What if Every College Had a Genius Bar?

This is a great idea! It reminds me of the Apple Genius Bar and this bit from my post 10 Things We Can Learn From Apple:
"Go Ahead. Touch It." Have you ever been to an Apple
store? They're amazing places! All the products are out in the open
waiting for someone to try them out, get comfortable with them and
experience them. Do we make it easy for students to explore - courses,
programs, even lectures that might spark their interest? How about an
open house with brief lectures by some of your best faculty and an
opportunity to interact with them afterwards. Don't even get me started
on the Genius Bar - What if every college had a Genius

The Course Concierge Will See You Now - Student Affairs
Paul Neill's title is director of the core curriculum at the University of Nevada at Reno, but students there know him as the "course concierge." He's the one they contact when they can't get into a class they need.

A few years ago, officials at the university decided that they had to do more to reduce the hassles of registering for courses. They imagined a kind of registration czar, someone who could communicate well with faculty members but who had the authority of an administrator. Mr. Neill, a faculty member who works in the provost's office, fit the bill.

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