Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Yet Another Reason to Love Cloud Computing

Everyone knows I'm a big fan Google Docs and other web-based applications. In fact, here's a recent presentation:
and a blog post Educational Uses of Web 2.0 Based Applications supporting the presentation. Web-based apps or "cloud computing" as some are calling it is not perfect. Among the concerns are security and offline access to data. Those concerns are - in most cases - outweighed by the numerous benefits f cloud computing, including anytime, anywhere access to data, collaboration, revisioning, automatic updates and many more. Apparently, we can add one more to that list - better SPAM filtering. Wired Campus: Systems Try to Stop Spam Messages Before They Arrive on Campus
“cloud computing,” could be a key to reducing the amount of spam hitting campus networks.

Companies are offering new products that can analyze incoming e-mail messages before the messages even arrive on campus. The filtering takes place on servers run by the companies. Stopping malicious e-mail messages off-site can help college networks run more smoothly.

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