Thursday, December 11, 2008

Teaching Consumers to be Green

Interesting paradox: consumers want energy efficient devices, but are unable to make sensible comparisons of devices to figure out which are more energy efficient. Sounds like a great opportunity for a short continuing education course and a small unit on energy efficiency in credit courses. Maybe even an online training program. Consumers Want, and Are Skeptical About, Eco-Electronics - Green Inc. Blog
Among other findings from a survey released today by the Consumer Electronics Association, an industry group representing computer and gadget manufacturers, 89 percent of consumers said that energy efficiency would be a factor in choosing their next television — even as less than half of the 960 people surveyed said they’re generally able to make sense of the environmental attributes attached to electronics on the market.

“One of the greatest challenges certainly is consumer confusion about what ‘green’ means,” said Parker Brugge, the C.E.A.’s vice president of environmental affairs.

Mr. Brugge said the lack of a universally recognized means to measure a product’s “greenness” makes it difficult for consumers to find information at the point of purchase.

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