Friday, December 05, 2008

Launch of ATE Television - Teach, Connect and Inspire

I've always believed that video is one of the most powerful ways to engage people. Here is an announcement on YouTube of the launch of a channel for ATE Television. ATE is an acronym for Advanced Technological Education, a National Science Foundation program dedicated to supporting technical education in the U.S. I know and have worked with the great professionals behind ATETV, so I am confident that this will not only be a great resource for teachers, parents and students, but also engaging and informative videos for all. If you work in technical education, technology or just want to learn more about some of the great work going on around the country - create a YouTube account, login and subscribe to this channel. YouTube - ATETelevision's Channel
ATETV.ORG is a web-based television network with segments that are informative, instructional and inspiring. By utilizing video and the web, ATETV will broadcast a weekly online episode that will provide unprecedented access to emerging technological information, company and career profiles, and in-depth interviews ranging from technicians to CEOs. Programming will feature segments that showcase a wide range of ATE disciplines, including: Information and Communications Technology, Engineering, Agricultural Technology, Biotechnology, Process Technology and Manufacturing.

ATETV will be a resource for all ATE supported disciplines. More than an online video newsletter, each episode will teach, connect and inspire.

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