Friday, December 05, 2008

Dual-mode CDMA WiMAX By End of Year

‘Sprint 4G’ on tap: CDMA/WiMAX modems to hit store shelves this year
Sprint Nextel will be serving up its own mobile WiMAX products and services, branded “Sprint 4G,” in its retail stores, the carrier said. And the first dual-mode, CDMA/mobile WiMAX modems will be commercially available as early as the end of this year. The move marks the end of the Xohm brand, which the carrier launched in August, 2007.
The first dual-mode, CDMA/mobile WiMAX modem under the Sprint 4G brand will be commercially available in Baltimore by the end of the year, said Melinda Tiemeyer, spokeswoman for Sprint Nextel.
Sprint Nextel’s “4G” portfolio eventually will include handsets and modems, Tiemeyer said. Further, she said Sprint 4G offerings will include products that can switch between the carrier’s established CDMA network and the mobile WiMAX network Clearwire is building throughout the country. The current Xohm offerings in Baltimore include a desktop modem, an ExpressCard modem and a USB card modem. All of the current devices are mobile WiMAX-only.

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