Thursday, December 11, 2008

AdWords on Mobiles

I think it's important for schools to teach students how to program for mobile phones. I've also suggested that schools optimize their sites for delivery to mobile phones and develop custom apps (marketing, registration, information, etc) for a variety of platforms. Many schools are already using Google AdWords to market their schools on the "desktop web" - with the release of AdWords for the iPhone and the Google Android, schools should now be looking at promoting themselves on mobile phones. Official Google Mobile Blog: New AdWords options for iPhone and G1
Today, the Google mobile ads team is announcing a new campaign-level option that allows those of you who are AdWords advertisers to show your desktop text and image ads on the iPhone, the T-Mobile G1, and other mobile devices with full (HTML) Internet browsers. The ads can point to desktop landing pages so you don't need to create mobile landing pages or ads in mobile formats. The ads will have many of the same benefits as our standard mobile ads, such as the delivery of mobile-specific calls-to-action and reaching mobile users that are searching with their phones more than ever -- especially during the holiday season.

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Tom said...

I have been trying for days to find out if i can access Adwords account or adwords editor on a phone. have tried blackberry and iphone, no luck. surely there must be other people out there wanting to tinker with their CPC keywords and ads without having to load up a PC?!!!!!
seems crazy you cant do this on a phone!


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