Thursday, August 04, 2011

Socrative - Web-Based Alternative to Clickers

Sarah Kessler details a New Classroom Tool Uses Laptops & Phones for Instant Assessment. Here a couple videos explaining Socrative, which you can find here. What I particularly like is that you can use iPads, smartphones (iPhone and Android), as well as laptops or PCs - removing the barrier of having to have a smart-device. Very similar to a service we've covered before - PollEverywhere.

Socrative makes a web, iPhone and Android app that functions as a clicker system. After a teacher sets up an account, he or she receives a classroom number to give students. They simply enter the number in their phones or on a laptop and are ready to answer multiple choice questions, write short answers and compete in team challenges.

“They don’t have to create a user name and a password, it doesn’t have to be approved by an administrator, it doesn’t have to go through the school, we didn’t have to spend 45 minutes setting it up. … I get an excel sheet that I know what to do with,” she says.

Socrative co-founder Amit Maimon, who made the prototype while he was teaching a class at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, says about 3,000 teachers have signed up for the app since its beta launch without marketing in April. Eventually the company would like to sell a premium service with individualized performance data for schools, parents and students.

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