Thursday, August 04, 2011

An Android Tablet for Non-Techies

... and the budget-conscious. Interesting that android has become the brand for techies, because it's highly configurable. Unfortunately, that "openness" makes it more difficult for newbies and non-techies. If I were buying my mom a tablet, it would be an iPad - not an Android. The K1 may beat the iPad on pricing - not availability though - but for non-techies the extra cost is often worth the ease of use. Remember, you get what you pay for!

Dana Wollman reviews the Lenovo IdeaPad K1

The IdeaPad K1 is cute, (relatively) affordable, and easy to use, and we know it'll be a sensible choice for some shoppers. We're just not sure that's you, our dear, tech-savvy readers. See, the K1 has two big strengths: one, it's aggressively priced, starting at $449 for 16GB (granted, that version's not on sale, so if you buy today, it's going to be the $499 32GB model). The other major thing the K1 has going for it is simplicity. Lenovo's tweaked Android 3.1 so that settings are easier to find and apps are easy to kill. It also comes with an array of popular apps (or bloatware, if you're cynical). Factor in the attractive design, and we can recommend this, particularly for people with budget constraints, or those looking to give a techie gift to a not-so-techie person. Those things aside, the K1 is heavier than most tablets, and doesn't justify its heft with additional ports, extraordinary battery life or even zippy performance. If you didn't want ports anyway, and know your way around Honeycomb without Lenovo's help (thank you very much), why not just get something thinner, faster, and longer-lasting? Or, you know, at least stick around and see how Lenovo's geekier ThinkPad Tablet fares.

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