Monday, August 01, 2011

Seven Days With Only an iPad

By Brian Proffitt on 7 days with an iPad (and only an iPad)
For a week I would shut down my Linux and Windows virtual machines and even my Android smartphone and use my iPad exclusively for all of my work and personal computing needs. There would be one caveat: I would still use the phone for the telephony functions alone, since it's the only cell phone I have. But I turned off all auto-updates on my mail and Twitter accounts to reduce the temptation to check those accounts on the phone.

With these restrictions in place, would I be able to manage the workload of a free-wheeling professional writer on my iPad -- and do efficiently enough to also juggle the summer schedules of three active daughters?

Proffitt's conclusion at the end of the week:
The strength of the iPad right now is the consumption of content, and there is no doubt that it can do that well. After a long week, I watched some remastered Star Trek episodes on Netflix and started reading 1776 on the Kindle app.

This is what the iPad is best at, to be sure. It's not that it can't do real work, though. You just have to have the right apps, the right hardware, and be willing to work around the interface's limitations as you go. It can be slower than a PC platform to input content, but not to the point where you go crazy. IN the end, a week with the iPad turned out to be a pretty productive week that enabled me to do everything I needed to accomplish, and get some entertainment in as well.

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