Friday, August 13, 2010

The iPad and Autisim

Jim Dalrymple shares the story of Shannon Des Roches Rosa and her Autisitc son Leo. Amazing ...

iPad hailed as a “near miracle” for Autistic boy:

“After Leo spent five minutes with his iPad, I realized that any assumptions I had about it being merely a bigger or a more breakable iPod touch were idiotic,” writes Des Roches Rosa. “It’s a tough little device. And for Leo, the larger scale of the iPad makes everything he wants to interact with just the right size, and therefore totally accessible. He may have a hard time writing on paper or typing on a computer keyboard, but he is a world-class iPad swiper and tapper, and his excellent visual memory means he can use that swiping and tapping to navigate between apps and videos with precision.”

It took Leo one day to master the iPad interface and he hasn’t looked back, according to his mother. He is drawing, using spelling apps, and augmentative and alternative communication apps too. Of course, being a kid, Leo enjoys playing games and making music on the iPad as well.


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