Wednesday, September 09, 2009

What Makes a Good Boss?

Is your boss a good leader? Review this list of 18 characteristics - how does you boss score?

8 Characteristics of a Good Team Leader

  • ready to go to bat for the team
  • presents team needs to organization and organizational needs to team
Focused on Organizational Effectiveness:

  • balances people and work
  • keeps ‘productivity’ and ‘quality’ to the forefront
Grooms ‘replacements’:

  • shares leadership role
  • creates leaders
Good communicator

  • willing to listen
  • able to express

  • pursuer of progress
  • and developer of people
Creates positive expectancy.

  • sets high expectation levels
  • sets and expects high standards
Models expected behaviours:

  • consensus decision-making
  • risk-taking
  • empowering
Able to deal with problem team members:

  • creative problem-solving
  • coaching
  • power to remove

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