Thursday, September 24, 2009

War Driving on the iPhone

Very cool WiFi app for the iPhone.

Here's the radar view:

and the lust view:

You can view access point details -

Even find free wifi

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Keith Parsons said...

Though the iPhone app is 'cool' it is NOT accurate in the least.

The Radar image uses RSSI (signal strength) to show how far from the center.

But the angles around North/South and East/West are "made up" - it has no bearing whatsoever to the real world. Just plots them in an order designed to 'spread out' the icons to make it more readable.

This is NOT WarDriving - no GPS coordinates are saved.

Keith Parsons, CWNE #3
Managing Director
Institute for Network Professionals

Anonymous said...

If you want a REAL wardriving iPhone app check out WiFi-Where:

Way better.



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