Monday, June 15, 2009

Moore’s Law Hits a Brick Wall

The end of Moore's Law - doubling the capacity of semiconductors every 18 months - from no less an authority than SanDisk CEO and founder Eli Harari. He's not real optimistic that we can do anything to avoid hitting the wall in five years. Funny, the WolframAlpha result for Moore's law is 2011 - I guess they're computing an even shorter lifespan.

Counting Down to the End of Moore’s Law - Bits Blog -

[we] can double the capacity of its chips only two more times. Once the industry goes from its current 64-billion-bit chip to a 256-billion-bit chip (that’s 32 gigabytes), it will hit that brick wall.

Then what?

Your camera and music player will certainly be able to store a lot of files. But you won’t be able to count on next year’s iPhone having double the capacity at the same price.

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