Friday, June 12, 2009

iGoogle Mobile Updated

One of the great things about web-based apps is that they are updated in real-time. No waiting for CDs, DVDs, or downloads. If you have a Google Android phone or an iPhone, this is a great update to to Google's iGoogle personalized homepage. I'm particularly amazed that they were able to include some of the third-party gadgets in this update. Official Google Mobile Blog: Snack time with the new iGoogle for Android and iPhone
Today, we're excited to roll out an improved beta version of iGoogle for the iPhone and Android-powered devices. This new version is faster and easier to use. It supports tabs as well as more of your favorite gadgets, including those built by third-party developers. Note that not all gadgets — like those with Flash — will work in mobile browsers.

One of our favorite new features is the in-line display of articles for feed-based gadgets. That means you can read article summaries without leaving the page. You can also rearrange gadget order or keep your favorite gadgets open for your next visit. None of these changes will mess up the layout of gadgets on your desktop computer, so feel free to play around and tune your mobile experience.

The new version of iGoogle for mobile is available in 38 languages. To try it out, go to in your mobile browser and tap "Try the new Mobile iGoogle!" Bookmark the page or make it your home page so you can return to it quickly.

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