Monday, June 08, 2009

Anoto penPresenter - Lively Powerpoints

This is very cool! A little pricey at $300, but if you present a lot - like teachers - and need to make your presentation more dynamic, this might be the ticket. At the very least, install this on the instructors computer in all computer classrooms.
The pen just got mightier
It's a James Bond tool for the mainstream world, a digital pen that acts like a portable, personal whiteboard.

Anoto Inc., a Westborough technology company, recently launched Anoto penPresenter, which records notes and displays them on a screen during presentations.

The pen, which is about the size of a fountain pen, combines a digital writer with PowerPoint, allowing notes to appear on screen in real time.

The idea is to make meetings and presentations more interactive, allowing participants to have instant copies of any material added during the session.

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