Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Memoir of a Beginning iPhone Developer

Interesting foray into iPhone programming by James Heary, with a background in network and system security. Let's hope he keeps up the programming and keeps writing about it.
A memoir of my journey to become an iPhone App Developer, how hard is it really?
What is the real deal with iPhone application development? Is it easy, hard, or somewhere in between? I just took a weeklong iPhone development course to find out. Like many iPhone owners, I want to have my own App Store shot at fame and fortune (well at least the fortune part:). Ever since I purchased my iPhone I thought it would be cool (and maybe profitable!) to develop my own iPhone app for the App Store. When I heard that a developer class was coming to my hometown of Denver I decided to seize the opportunity to throw my hat in the ring.

Just about every chance they get, Apple hypes up the usability and ease with which developers can create iPhone apps. During the last MacWorld, Apple paraded developer after developer across the stage. Apple makes it a point to emphasize a couple of the newer developers opinions on how easy it was for them to develop on the iPhone. The developers always give Apple raving reviews.

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