Monday, August 13, 2007

Web 2.0: Online Mindmapping

In an earlier post on Search Mash-Ups, I provided a link to Wikimindmap, which takes a Wikipedia search query and builds a Mindmap from it.

Mindmapping is a really great way to visualize information, whether working individually, or as part of a group. I've been using Mindjet's Mindmanager for about four years. More popular in the K-12 sector is the significantly cheaper Inspiration, which I find to be a bit more simplistic and "cartoony." A recent trend is online or web-based mindmapping, such as MindMeister and Mindomo. Each offers a free basic version and a subscription-based paid or premium service. MindMeister's focus is on providing a collaboration platform for mindmapping, while Mindomo is about building a mindmapping community - a sort of YouTube for mindmapping.
For some interesting uses of MindMapping, you can read A Beginner's Guide to Mind Mapping Meetings on the Lifehacker blog.


Anonymous said...

Hello from Mindjet, makers of MindManager. I love your Civil Rights Movement map featured in this post and would love to chat with you about it and a program we're creating for mind mapping bloggers. If interested, please email me at: I couldn't find a direct email address for you. Thanks! Gaelen.

Anonymous said...

Here is another tool worth looking at

Dan said...

I have used MindJet and Mindomo, but CoMapping has exceeded by expectations. In fact, it left me quickly seeing if I could get a refund on my Mindomo subscription.


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