Friday, August 31, 2007

Tech Rock Stars?

I've been to a lot of conferences where other technology educators bemoan the fact that we don't have "sexy" or exciting role models for technology careers. We don't have a tech superstar or rock star or even a hit TV show like CSI to get kids excited about careers in technology. This got me to thinking recently - who were our rock stars? The two people arguably most responsible for the desktop PC revolution are pictured below - were they our rock stars? Maybe we don't need rock stars. Photo from boingboing

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Mark Viquesney said...

Bill who? Unfortunately Bill Gates is like the Rolling Stones - He is a rock star for us who grew up in the revolution, but to the new generation, he is just a classic.

Steve Jobs - Ok, a rock star only because he announced iPod and iPhone. Maybe a better rockstar would be Justin Long, the guy who plays the Apple computer on the tv ads.

These guys are aging rock stars... The younger gernation wants new ones, someone they can relate to. Maybe the Google guys?


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