Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kaspersky's Exploit-Proof OS – "Set It and Forget It"?

I'm dubious as well! From Taylor Armerding … Kaspersky's exploit-proof OS leaves security experts skeptical:

Eugene Kaspersky, the $800-million Russian cybersecurity tycoon, is, by his own account, out to "save the world" with an exploit-proof operating system.

In a blog post this week quickly picked up by news outlets around the world, Kaspersky confirmed rumors that Kaspersky Lab is "developing a secure operating system for protecting ... industrial control systems used in industry/infrastructure."

Given the recent declarations from U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and others that the nation is facing a "digital Pearl Harbor" or "digital 9/11" from hostile nation states like Iran, this sounds like the impossible dream come true -- the cyber version of a Star Wars force field.

No need for updates or patches. No need for antivirus software. No need to hire an expensive security firm to detect millions of malicious attacks aimed at public and private critical infrastructure. No need to push contentious cybersecurity legislation through Congress, trying to balance privacy concerns with the need for information sharing between the private and public sectors.

Just set it and forget it.

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