Wednesday, October 31, 2012

FCC: 25% of Cell Towers Hit by Sandy Still Down

I've had to resort to text messaging to communicate with my wife and daughter. Interestingly, friends with Verizon (we have AT & T) are having fewer issues.

From Alex Fitzpatrick ...25% of Cell Towers Hit by Sandy Still Down:

A quarter of the cell phone towers damaged by Superstorm Sandy are still down, the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission told reporters in a press call this afternoon. The affected towers lie in 158 counties across 10 states, from Massachusetts down to Virginia.

If you're in a badly-hit area with little-to-no cell service, don't expect things to get better quickly: FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski noted during the call that many cell towers in areas without electricity are running on backup generators -- generators which will begin failing in the near future as batteries run dry.

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