Thursday, October 04, 2012

Charge Your Devices by Walking

Very cool! From Roberto Baldwin … This Charger Is Made for Walking:

More than two years after the nPower PEG arrived on the scene with promises of kinetic charging for our devices, it’s finally available for purchase.

The nPower PEG (personal energy generator) contains a weight, springs, an inductive coil and a battery. As you move, the weight moves up and down and generates energy that is stored in the internal battery. The more you move, the more energy is created. After you’ve gone for your evening jog or hiked up a mountain, you can unleash the stored electricity via the USB 2.0 port. Tremont Electric ships the charger with a USB cable and micro USB adaptor. iPhone and iPod users will need to purchase an additional adaptor

Just don’t try to charge your laptop. The company notes that laptops require more power than the nPower PEG generates. Tablets like the iPad can be charged, but only to about 15 percent.

1 comment:

annb said...

Pretty cool concept. Do you hold it in your hand? Clip it to your waistband? Wear it around your neck? ... And most importantly, does it come in more colors?!


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