Saturday, June 30, 2012

Apple in the Enterprise

Neil Hughes reporting – ServiceNow IT firm surges on IPO, CEO says company is 'wall-to-wall' Apple:

IT firm ServiceNow went public on Friday as the company's CEO revealed their operations are "wall-to-wall" reliant on Apple products, including iPhones and MacBooks.

ServiceNow CEO Frank Slootman appeared on CNBC Friday to promote his company's IPO. While live on the set, Slootman was asked about the growth of Apple products in the enterprise.

"Our company, we're all Apple, wall to wall," he revealed. "Not just on the iPhone, also our notebooks, laptops and so on."

Slootman was also asked if the enterprise is "embracing Apple in a surprisingly strong way." To that, he responded: "I believe so."

Two different approaches to getting your products into the enterprise. Microsoft builds products to please IT departments, Apple tries to please consumers. It seems end users are having more and more say in what products the enterprise (and IT department) must support.

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