Thursday, October 30, 2008

UStream Experiment

Apologies for the quality of the video and the audio. This is a presentation titled "How to Become a Thought Leader for $0" by Paul Gillin, author of "The New Influencers: A Marketer's Guide to the New Social Media." I was not right up front and only started streaming the presentation about 15 minutes in. I was stream the video live, there is about a 30 second lag. I used my MacBook with built-in iSight camera and a Sprint broadband card for the Internet connection. With dwindling travel budget, I think tools like this are going to become increasingly important - with very little additional cost, you can stream your classroom content, speakers, conferences, meeetings - just about any live event. We'll we refining this approach with better cameras, better microphones and better preparation. Stay tuned!

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