Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Take That PalmPilot

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I remember the old PalmPilot commercial, with a man and a woman passing each other in trains traveling in opposite directions. As the trains begin to move their eyes meet. Realizing they may never see each other again, each raises their PalmPilot, presses and holds the address book button to "beam" their contact information to each other. It's a really compelling scene, but unfortunately not very realistic, as PalmPilots use InfraRed (IR) technology which has very limited range and requires maintaining a very precise alignment of the two devices. After July 11th, when the iPhone App Store launches, realize that when you see two geeks at conference or party standing next to each other shaking their iPhones, they're not doing anything inappropriate - they just exchanging contact information. Tapulous is launching a free application that takes advantage of the iPhones always on connection and the built-in accelerometer. Watch it in action below.
IPhone: Friend Book to Beam Your iPhone's Contact Data with a Shake
The coolest feature without a doubt is the new "Handshake": put two iPhones running Friend Book together, shake them up and down, and the personal contact information of the phones' owners will be beamed through the net to the paired phones. Handshake doesn't work through a device-to-device connection, but instead passes location data back to Tapulous' servers — two shaking phones in the same location means it's time to swap information.

Friend Book promo video

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