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Laptops and the Airport

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From the photograher, Dean Shaddock:Add to all the fear of data breaches and stolen laptops this troubling report of just how many laptops are stolen at airports each year - and how many (half) have confidential information. As a frequent traveler this is something that always concerns me - my "stuff" gets through the x-ray quickly, but I'm delayed by extra security of someone having to be re-screened in front of me, and by the time I get to my stuff, my laptop's gone. It hasn't happened yet, but it's something I'm always watchful of - more so than the TSA staff. Some tips below. How to avoid laptop loss at the airport | Community
In a paid study sponsored by Dell the Ponemon Institute has published a report that claims over 10,000 laptops are lost or stolen every WEEK at US airports. Recovery rates are very low, evidently because most people do not even try. Half the laptops, according to the survey, contain confidential corporate information. These data put into perspective the ruckus caused by the infamous stolen laptops at the VA. There are obviously thousands of data loss incidents that are going unreported.

Here are some tips from the article:

1. Place your laptop in the first bin you put on the belt of the X-ray machine. You should put your laptop bag in front of it. Put the bin with your shoes, belt, purse, wallet, etc. right behind your laptop. And your carry-on bag last. The first thing you should do on the other side is put your laptop in its bag before the other luggage crashes into it and dumps it on the floor. Your other stuff separates it from the person behind you and in front of you.

2. Mark your laptop! Put a sticker on it. I know people hate to do this. But you should identify your laptop in such a way that you can quickly identify it.

3. If you lose your laptop contact the TSA immediately. Call the airport. Take action. I bet in 99% of the cases you can get it back.

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