Friday, July 11, 2008

Other Alternatives to 4 Dollar a Gallon Gas

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Here's part of an email I received promoting a particular vendors training resources. You'll notice that this solicitation points to their audio training products as a way to "earn back" some of that $4 gasoline. This is great advice, but you don't need to pay $29 for training materials. Instead visit the podcast section of the iTunes store and search for interesting audio and video podcasts - almost all free - that you can listen to on your iPod or MP3 player or even burn to a CD that you can listen to in your car. For a fee, you can also purchase audio books from the iTunes store or directly from Another great source for audio - some free; some fee-baesed - is With these and other free or inexpensive online resources, you can build your own custom training program.
With gas rising to $4 per gallon, your drive to work is getting more expensive every day. PrepLogic can help you start earning that money back. With Quiz Me and Lecture Series audio training, you can learn while driving to work, or anywhere else. Use PrepLogic audio training to pass your CCNA, A+, Network+, CISSP® and more. Get certified quickly and easily and fight the price of gas with a new high-paying job. This week, all audio training is on sale for just $29.

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