Thursday, September 13, 2007

What Blogs to Read?

When I present at conferences, I always get asked what blogs I read to get and keep up with this endless stream of information that's out there. Unfortunately, that's a difficult question to answer, because the list of blogs I read is pretty fluid. Fortunately, North x East has published a list of their picks for the 50 Most Influential Bloggers. I won't reprint the list, but I encourage you to explore it and give some of these bloggers a read. Although not a definitive list, there are a number of the 50 bloggers that I already read. One that I hadn't seen before is - #49 - Mary Hodder's Napsterization blog[fixed broken link], which NxE describes as:
a blog that discusses the transformation of old media into digital media
and Mary Hodder as:
one of the leading-edge bloggers writing with and experimenting with new web technology and the role of digital media in the world
Interestingly, a number of the blogs focus on SEO or Search Engine Optimization - which sounds somewhat esoteric, but for businesses is really about the bottom line. The goal of SEO is to get your webpage or your company's webpage at the top of the list of search results from Google, Yahoo and other search engines. Not surprising that most people click the first link they see.

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