Friday, September 14, 2007

Mass Collaboration - Wikinomics

At the recent Enterprise 2.0 conference, Donald Tapscott gave a presentation on Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything - the book he co-authored with Anthony D. Williams. The focus of the book is leveraging web 2.0 tools to jump start and drive mass collaboration, especially in the enterprise. In addition to detailing what a number of companies have done to foster collaboration, Tapscott and Williams provide strategies and tools to enable organizations to better collaborate both internally and externally. One of the really great things about the conference is that organizers put into action the openness and sharing advocated in the book. To that end, presenter video, audio and powerpoint are freely available at the conference website. Two months ago, I posted Tapscott's June 20th presentation on the presentation sharing site Slideshare. It's been viewed 584 times, downloaded 107 times, and embedded into 5 websites or blogs. Additionally, it has been added to three Slideshare groups - Web 2.0, Crowdsourcing and The Social Media Club. Here is a link to the powerpoint with transcript, video of the presentation and finally the embedded slideshow below.

And finally, you can listen to a podcast Gordon Snyder and I did on Enterprise 2.0 by clicking here.

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