Thursday, January 12, 2012

What's Behind the Recent Surge in iPhone Sales?

Perennial Apple-hater Joe Wilcox points to the success of the iPhones – $0 3GS, $99 4, and $199 4S (all with two-year contract).

Tim Cook takes iPhone where Steve Jobs couldn't:

NPD's US retail sales data shows just how successful is the strategy. The top-three selling smartphones during October and November: iPhone 4S, 4 and 3GS. Samsung Galaxy S 4G and S2 rank fourth and fifth.

Say that again slowly – the top three selling phones are iPhones.

Weirdly, he points to the strategy of making the iPhone 4 and 4S indistinguishable from one another as key to this surge in sales. I'm not sure I get the logic. So iPhone 4 buyers think they're buying a 4S with Siri, but for only $99? I think the iPhone 4 is selling really well, because buyers see a bargain – a really great phone for only $99.
I see now that iPhone 5 would have distracted buyers rather than open up the big sales spigot. Cook has made a big play to gain platform market share fast.

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