Tuesday, January 24, 2012

10 Dying or Dead Tech Skills

10 Tech Skills Heading the Way of the Dinosaur from Randy Muller:

The IT industry is one which evolves rapidly - some would say too rapidly. As a consequence of this rapid change, IT professionals must also update their skills more often than most other industries. Accountants must learn new tax laws; IT pros must learn new operating systems. Doctors learn new techniques or have new pharmaceuticals at their disposal; IT pros must learn new programming languages. Some IT skills have been around for decades - just ask your friendly COBOL programmer. New IT skills emerge faster than old ones retire. IT pros must continuously learn new and expand current skills or they will become extinct, just as the systems and applications they once supported. Let's take a quick look at some skills that are on the endangered species list for 2012.

1. Email

2. Computer Hardware Support


4. Adobe Flash Mobile

5. Windows 2000 and before

6. Traditional Telephony

7. Networking

8. Silverlight

9. Software and Network support

10. ColdFusion


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