Friday, January 21, 2011

How Much Does Your College Spend on Data Security?

When we transitioned our student e-mail to Gmail, many at my college were concerned about security. That concern has - in part - kept faculty and staff on Exchange Server. When I questioned this policy, one of the questions I asked was: "How much do we spend on security?" and as a followup, "How much do you think Google spends on security? In a day?"

Colleges and Universities need to get more serious about data security! We've been lucky so far ... how long will our luck last?

U. of Maine System to Spend $2.6-Million to Improve Data Security:
The University of Maine system plans to spend about $2.6-million over the next three years to improve data security, reports the Bangor Daily News. The move comes in light of a disclosure last June that personal information for 4,585 students who visited the counseling center between August 2, 2002, and June 12, 2010, might have been compromised when malicious computer hackers attacked two servers at the center. Maine spent $130,000 to fix the initial breach.

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