Saturday, January 01, 2011

11-inch MacBook Air Review

Same model/configuration I have. I enthusiastically agree with this glowing review.


MacBook Air 11:

I haven’t felt so thrilled by a new piece of hardware since I bought our first iPad, and the same feeling of experiencing a new class of device is present here too. If you’re tempted by the 11-inch model’s portability but are worried about whether you could get your work done, put your concerns aside – it’s an excellent machine and more than up to the job.

Having owned one for more than a week now, using it every day (including for development work in Xcode) and travelling for most of that time, I can recommend it without hesitation.


1 comment:

Jane said...

Thanks for the review -- I'm debating between the 11 in and 13 in models - like the portability of the smaller one but concerned about having enough screen real estate.Why did you go for the 11 in?


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