Thursday, May 27, 2010

What Do We Use the iPad For?

I'll be posting my experiences with the iPad soon, in the meantime, here's some interesting analysis from Silicon Alley Insider.

What's the difference between Apple's new iPad tablet and its iPhone?

Based on a quick analysis of the apps people are buying on the devices, it's pretty simple: The iPhone and iPod touch are for games. The iPad is for a lot more. And people are spending a lot more (per app) on iPad apps than iPhone apps.

  • 82% of the top 50 iPhone/iPod touch apps are Games, versus 36% of the top 50 iPad apps.
  • The top iPad app categories among the top 50 are Games (36%), Content (28%, includes news, video), Productivity (20%), and Utilities (16%, includes weather).
  • The top iPhone app categories among the top 50 are Games (82%, includes gag apps) and Utilities (18%, includes weather, social networking).
  • The average top-25 paid iPhone app was $1.51, versus $5.79 on the iPad (almost 4X difference).

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