Sunday, December 13, 2009

What Do Leadership and Vision Look Like?

Does you school have someone like Jacqueline Moloney? Someone who can see the future and is in a position of leadership to do something about it? Maybe we need to start hiring more people like Moloney!

International Award for Online Education Goes to UMass Lowell
The most prestigious international group of colleges and universities that offer online learning recently presented its top honor to UMass Lowell Executive Vice Chancellor Jacqueline Moloney, a pioneer in the field.

Moloney was the only American and one of two educators to receive the Most Outstanding Achievement in Online Learning by an Individual award at the Sloan Consortium's annual international conference.

'The 2009 recipients have demonstrated exceptional leadership and real success in advancing online education,' said University of Illinois Prof. Burks Oakley, award committee chairman.

UMass Lowell has won all Sloan-C top awards, except one added this year, for excellence in programs and faculty development. In 2008, UMass Lowell and UMassOnline received the Most Outstanding Online Learning and Teaching Award. Sloan-C ' an offshoot of the Sloan Foundation for higher education excellence ' is dedicated to integrating quality online learning into mainstream higher education.

Moloney's honor is for 15 years of advancing online education. She launched UMass Lowell's program when other institutions did not see the need, and under her leadership, it grew from 400 students and a few courses to more than 12,000 online enrollments and full degree programs, including an MBA.

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