Saturday, December 05, 2009

College Tours on the iPhone

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This is a great idea. Every college should be working to develop an app like this.

College develops iPhone app to connect with potential students
The College of Charleston has launched the nation's first app designed as a supplement for students looking to tour the university.

Calling it 'the very first interactive and self-guided university campus tour app,' the College of Charleston has released an app intended for potential students looking for more information on the campus and its history.

The app features over twenty locations in and around the Charleston campus with accompanying text, pictures, and video for each. The 'College of Charleston Tour' app also uses GPS assistance to show the distance to and location of each of the places of interest around the university.

The videos are narrated by College of Charleston students and provide a brief tour of each location along with facts and information about each.

From the college's website:
Welcome to the very first interactive and self-guided university campus tour App for the iPhone and iPod touch. Featuring videos, photos, and more than 20+ beautiful locations on the historic College of Charleston campus, the tour is directed by students.

Titled “College of Charleston Tour,” the App is a free download available on iTunes that features Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) assistance, 18 videos of campus and nearly 60 images of life at the College of Charleston.

Four College of Charleston students narrate and provide a unique perspective not currently offered by any other university App. Viewers will get an insider’s look at the College and see inside nearly every building, including the President’s House.

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