Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Verizon and the Palm Pre

This is a little more than a rumor, when you have the CEO of Verizon providing the details.

Verizon to offer Palm Pre in early 2010 | Wireless

There is still no official word about when or if Verizon Wireless will ever get Apple's iPhone, but the wireless operator has confirmed it will be getting the Palm Pre early next year.
The company's chief operating officer, Denny Strigl, spilled the beans on the impending smartphone availability during a conference call with analysts and investors discussing the company's second-quarter earnings on Monday. The Palm Pre, which was highly anticipated for several months, is currently only available on Sprint Nextel's network.

Since Sprint and Verizon use the same underlying cell phone technology, it shouldn't come as a huge shock that Verizon would be getting its own version of the Pre. But it's somewhat surprising that the carrier will be getting the device so soon.

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