Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pico Projector Update

Some details on the upcoming Evolution R-1 Pico Projector from Beambox. I love that it has 4GB of memory and a microSD slot. Throw some of your best presentation videos on there and hit the road! You want one don't you? Great for that elevator speech you've been waiting to give to your company/college president.

Beambox launches Evolution R-1 pico projector - Engadget
The R-1 will boast an LCoS chip, a brightness of 30 lumens, with a 200:1 contrast ratio and VGA (640 x 480) resolution, and will be capable of projecting an up to 100-inch image. The little guy will also have up to 4GB of onboard Flash memory, plus a microSD slot. The pico -- which weighs in at 175 grams -- is expected to ship around March 20th. It looks like the projector is going to run you £250 ($360), and be available in black, red, silver and white.

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