Monday, February 09, 2009

Do You Make Money from the Internet?

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I don't! And apparently most people that are blogging, podcasting, tagging, twittering or some other version of Web 2.0 content generation aren't making money either. At least not enough to quit their day jobs. Welcome to 99.99% percentile of Web 2.0 content generators - there are 250 million of us! The slide above is from the following presentation from the Web 3.0 group on slideshare:
If you think the chart is wrong, consider the story of Dan Lyons - the journalist who wrote the viral blog - The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, but never made enough to quit his day job. Growing Rich by Blogging Is a High-Tech Fairy Tale | Newsweek Daniel Lyons | Techtonic Shifts |
For two years I was obsessed with trying to turn a blog into a business. I posted 10 or 20 items a day to my site, The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, rarely taking a break. I blogged from cabs, using my BlackBerry. I blogged in the middle of the night, having awakened with an idea. I rationalized this insane behavior by telling myself that at the end of this rainbow I would find a huge pot of gold. But reality kept interfering with this fantasy. My first epiphany occurred in August 2007, when The New York Times ran a story revealing my identity, which until then I'd kept secret. On that day more than 500,000 people hit my site—by far the biggest day I'd ever had—and through Google's AdSense program I earned about a hundred bucks. Over the course of that entire month, in which my site was visited by 1.5 million people, I earned a whopping total of $1,039.81. Soon after this I struck an advertising deal that paid better wages. But I never made enough to quit my day job.

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David Nygren said...

I'd bet a fairly significant percentage of the 0.01% are people blogging about "how to make money from blogging." It's like Amway for Web geeks.


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